Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here We Go Steelers

OK, earlier this week I was thinking it wouldn't be that bad if the Arizona Flock won this Sunday's Super Bowl. That's because I grew up in St. Louis when the Cardinals played there. My deep love for the franchise has welled up during this incredible playoff run.

But as the weekend nears, I'm getting jacked up about another Steelers' SB appearance, and the chance to gain a record sixth win in that game. I became a Steelers' fan because the St. Louis Cardinals were almost unwatchable during most years. And Lambert, Swann, Stallworth, Bradshaw, Franco and the rest were so amazing. How could anybody not be a fan of the blue-collar football played year-in and year-out by Pittsburgh? 

My heart is already pounding in anticipation for this game. And my heart belongs to the Steelers.


  1. scott and i have a joke that when an announcer uses "blue-collar" or says "he really brings his lunch-pail," it's euphemism for "he's a white guy with a work ethic who couldn't just get by on talent." and here you go tossing the description around, using it for a whole team. get with the program! seriously, though, count the times you hear it. crazy.

    glad you're blogging. it's bloggerific.

  2. Blue-Collar Football's the only way to go! None of this high-falutin' Cowboys or 49ers society-type stuff. How are things going out West? And how did you find my blog so quickly? I just started.


  3. Kelli,

    You might like this headline from The Onion:

    Steeler Defense Renamed 'Mid-Level White-Collar Curtain' To More Accurately Reflect Contemporary Pittsburgh

  4. I like it!
    (Think I saw your blog on Facebook). And I'm stalking your family...