Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tristan and Isolde's Romantic Legend

Tristan and Isolde, from 2006, is worth watching for entertainment value, although the legendary tale is extremely similar to lots of other England vs. Ireland period pieces. Man and woman from opposite sides fall in love, jump great hurdles to sustain that love, some things go well and some tragically. James Franco (Milk, Pineapple Express) as Tristan is a poor-man's Heath Ledger, and the rest of the cast is equally solid but fairly forgettable.

Considering most of the claptrap coming out of Hollywood, this has to be considered better-than-average and worth watching if you're bored. It also has director Kevin Reynolds (who did a fantastic and underrated job with 2002's The Count of Monte Cristo) going for it.

*** out of ***** stars


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