Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Best North Carolina Tarheels Since the 1980s

Because my dad and brother attended the University of North Carolina, I've been a fan of their stellar basketball program since I was about 10 years old. 

In honor of UNC's punishing Sweet 16 victory over Gonzaga last night, here is my list of the top Tarheels (mixed with my own prejudice of who my favorite players have been) from this time period. Feel free to comment with your own list of Top Tarheels:

33. Derrick Phelps
32. Shammond Williams
31. Julius Peppers
30. Joe Wolf
29. Danny Green
28. Reyshawn Terry
27. Hubert Davis
26. Rick Fox
25. Ed Davis
24. Marvin Williams
23. Joseph Forte
22. Rashad McCants
21. Jeff McInnis
20. Brendan Haywood
19. Sean May
18. Ed Cota
17. George Lynch
16. Wayne Ellington
15. Ty Lawson
14. Raymond Felton
13. Sam Perkins
12. J.R. Reid
11. James Worthy
10. Jerry Stackhouse
09. Donald Williams
08. Eric Montross
07. Antawn Jamison
06. Vince Carter
05. Kenny Smith
04. Rasheed Wallace
03. Brad Daugherty
02. Tyler Hansbrough
01. Michael Jordan

1 comment:

  1. And my honorable mention is the long, lanky, wacky-looking Warren Martin, from the Brad Daugherty teams of the mid-80s. Talk about dual tall trees in the middle!