Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bob Mould's 10 Albums Worth Owning

10. Solo-District Line, 2008
09. Solo-Workbook, 1989
08. Husker Du-Warehouse: Songs and Stories, 1987
07. Sugar-File Under: Easy Listening, 1994
06. Solo-Life and Times, 2009
05. Husker Du-New Day Rising, 1985
04. Husker Du-Zen Arcade, 1984
03. Sugar-Copper Blue, 1992
02. Husker Du-Candy Apple Grey, 1986
01. Husker Du-Flip Your Wig, 1985


  1. haven't listened to his solo stuff, but I would rank the husker/sugar albums like this:

    (1) sugar - copper blue
    (2) HD - new day rising
    (3) HD - flip your wig
    (4) HD - candy apple grey
    (5) sugar - easy listening
    (6) HD - zen arcade
    (7) HD - warehouse

    "copper blue" is one of the most underrated 90s albums, such perfect power pop/punk... i never really got into "zen arcade," unlike a lot of people, just didn't really connect with me... then again, i greatly prefer "pleased to meet me" by the replacements to "let it be," so what the hell do i know

  2. I agree that Zen Arcade is overrated. You may have a point about New Day Rising being better.

    However, Your "Pleased to Meet Me" comment is crazy.

  3. I guess the production undermines the effect of the otherwise amazing sonics of zen arcade, here's my list

    1.Metal Circus
    2.New Day Rising
    3.Flip Your Wig
    4.Warehouse: Songs and Stories
    5.Eight Miles High single (One of the best covers, hands down)

    i think Metal Circus has the most innovative guitar melodies i have heard yet, i'm gonna learn all the songs of New Day Rising lol.

  4. oh yeah, greetings from India, neat blog

  5. Thanks, Darrell. Yeah, you're right. Metal Circus rocks and should be in there. Paul