Thursday, April 2, 2009

Neil Young's Top 13 Studio Albums

13. Harvest Moon, 1992
12. Old Ways, 1985
11. American Stars 'N Bars, 1977
10. Ragged Glory, 1990
09. Freedom, 1989
08. Neil Young, 1969
07. Tonight's the Night, 1975
06. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, 1969
05. Zuma, 1975
04. On the Beach, 1974
03. Comes a Time, 1978
02. Harvest, 1972
01. After the Gold Rush, 1970

Buy them all now. And here's a good full discography of Neil Young. Do you think I missed one? Or tell me what you think is the worst NY album (there are plenty of stinkers to choose from).


  1. i know it must seem like i enjoy nitpicking your lists (well, ok, i do) but leaving "rust never sleeps" (and "live rust", for that matter) off this list is unconscionable... and yes, even though a lot of "rust never sleeps" wasn't recorded "in the studio," i still think it counts as a "studio album"

  2. As you noted, they both had live material. I agree that they're both almost perfect items and would both be real high on the list if they fit the criteria.

    I guess you liked the list in general if that was all you found to debate about ...

  3. you're right, i don't know what the hell i was thinking about with live rust, it's just too great to leave off any neil young list... i'd quibble with the placement within the top 5-6, but it looks generally right otherwise

    i actually have an extra copy of "rust never sleeps" on vinyl, if you want it

  4. Man, that would be super sweet. I think I have both "Rusts" on cassette. Which is basically like saying I don't own them. Maybe I can trade you some of my double vinyl. I think I have a few doubles.