Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sprogs Will Soon Reconquer D.C.

I was very excited when I got the news recently that Paula Wertheim Luxenberg, my cousin, is moving back to D.C. after her two-year hiatus at the University of North Carolina MBA program. Her drumming is the ingredient that makes The Sprogs go. So it looks like we'll be reforming with bass player Gordie Shaw and guitar player Tim Getman. That means I need to get to work writing songs. Hopefully we'll all write songs. And Paula got a head start by sending us some lyrics for a kids song called "Anything That You Want." I never write songs that are this long, so I'm glad she's volunteered to sing most of it (which means I don't have to memorize the words, yay). See what you think of this sketch of the tune. Should it be in the set list?

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