Friday, May 22, 2009

Music Reviews in 3 Words or Less: Vol. 1

Welcome to this new regular feature of Monotremeindc. I figure I'm so addicted to listening to and rating music from my very scientific and nerdy perspective, so I might as well share my findings with you all, especially since I often get the question, "What are you listening to these days?" There will be new albums and old albums alike. Rock, soul, jazz, indie, classical, children's music ... Just whatever I've been listening to in the past several days or week. Hope I steer you in the right directions.

The Thermals-Now We Can See (2009)
Rowdy guitar rawk.
****1/2 out of ***** stars
Touchstone: Green Day meets Archers of Loaf

Super Furry Animals-Dark Days / Light Years (2009)
EP-elicious, needs editing.
***1/2 out of ***** stars
Touchstone: early Pink Floyd meets ELO

Taylor Swift-Fearless (2008)
Overproduced, touching catchiness.
**** out of ***** stars
Touchstone: Juliana Hatfield meets Shania Twain

AM FM-Mutilate Us (2001)
Edgy and pretty.
**** out of ***** stars
Touchstone: Portastatic meets The Promise Ring

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