Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinosaur Jr. Destined for Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame?

Pitchfork TV has a fabulous little set from the legendary Dinosaur Jr. at the Pitchfork 2008 summer music festival in Chicago. The three-piece somehow connects the wimpy wave of The Cure with the guitar power of Jimi Hendrix and the punk crunch of Bad Brains.

The set list is:
1. Back to Your Heart
2. Little Fury Things
3. Out There
4. Feel the Pain
5. Pick Me Up
6. The Wagon
7. Forget the Swan
8. Freak Scene
9. Sludgefeast

Also worth watching are the slick moves these geezers are making on their dirt bikes and skateboards in the video for Over It, off their new album Farm

I've loved Dino Jr. since J Mascis and the boys started out in the late 80s. They're true originals (despite my loose comparisons above) and their now-long career probably makes them serious contenders to be inducted as one of the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame's coolest bands.

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