Saturday, June 20, 2009

Having a Baby is Dumb Fun for The Brothers Solomon

Will Arnett was classic as Jason Bateman's brother Job in the Arrested Development TV series. And Will Forte is a pretty weirdly good member of Saturday Night Live's current cast. Together, they make up The Brothers Solomon, who need to have a baby in order to make their dad (Lee Majors, aka The Six Million Dollar Man) so happy that he'll snap out of his coma.

The best moment of the movie is when Dean Solomon (Forte) goes to the front door of a blind date, who invites him in to meet her parents. Forte then leans in and gives the father a gentle kiss on the lips. This doesn't bode especially well for the date, but had me in stitches.

Chi McBride, as James, the big black janitor with a foul mouth and a sensitive heart (and an aversion to hearing the word "sperm"), is also great.

The floating-head, goofy-face, reappearing close-ups of Arnett and Forte's faces is also amusing, and a soundtrack that features The Flaming Lips and The Magic Numbers is also enjoyable.

When you need 90 minutes of brain-dead dumb fun, you could do a lot worse than The Brothers Solomon.

**1/2 out of ***** stars.


  1. i saw this movie randomly on tv a few months ago and loved it