Thursday, September 3, 2009

Music Reviews in 3 Words or Less: Vol. 8

Darlings-Yeah I Know (2009)
2009's obscure masterpiece
Touchstones: Smudge meets The Strokes
***** out of ***** stars

Apollo Ghosts-Hastings SunriseAlbum (2009)
Canada's finest newcomers
Touchstones: More melodic Iggy Pop meets Velvet Underground
****1/2 out of ***** stars

Ben Lee-The Rebirth of Venus (2009)
Summer-y, catchy pop
Touchstones: The Lemonheads meets Bob Mould
**** out of ***** stars

I Was a King-I Was a King (2009)
Norwegian power pop
Touchstones: Teenage Fanclub meets Fountains of Wayne
**** out of ***** stars

Grand Duchy-Petits Fours (2009)
Frank Black's band
Touchstones: The Breeders meets The Kills
***1/2 out of ***** stars

Iran-The Moon Boys (2002)
Unlistenable drone art
Touchstones: Dead C meets TV on the Radio
*1/2 out of ***** stars

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