Thursday, October 15, 2009

Larry David as Woody Allen in Whatever Works

Larry David pulls his same schtick as in Curb Your Enthusiasm in Woody Allen's latest, Whatever Works.

This movie started our trip to Asia during the Dulles to Heathrow leg. David's cynicism and hatred foe humanity gets a little old quickly, but young hottie Evan Rachel Wood sweeps in to save the day by falling in love with the old curmudgeon and making the movie's outlook just a little more hopeful.

Patricia Clarkson and Ed Begley Jr. are wonderfully quirky and funny as Wood's parents, and while this is nowhere near Allen's brightest moments, Whatever Works ends up being a sweet little love story.

***1/2 out of ***** stars

Note: While on travel for the next three weeks, my posts will continue to flow, but they won't have as many photos, links, and other fancy doo-dads as usual. At least as long as my iPhone and its little BlogWriter app continues to work. Debatable ...

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