Thursday, October 15, 2009

The SE Asia Trip Begins!

Rachel, Jackson and I are enjoying globe hopping.

London was fun for 36 hours. We stayed in a busy little hotel on Tottenham Court Road near Picadilly Circus. Jackson saw Big Ben and ate Indian food with Rachel's college friends. He was a real trooper on all the flights and a very good boy.

Our 10-hour layover today in Bangkok was also really nice. Inja's dad and his house were a peaceful haven to stopover at in the chaotic city. His helpers served us amazing chicken, papaya salad, and sticky rice when we arrived. Then we slept for a couple of hours and woke up to coffee, mango, guava and papaya before leaving for the airport.

Now we're in our Vientiane hotel alongside the Mekong River getting excited that our room will soon cool down from the AC. And Jackson is hitting me on the chest, yelling "Night night, Daddy" and, of course, "Watch Elmo, Daddy." Time to fire up the YouTube on my iPhone.

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