Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ranking My Favorite NFL Teams From 1 to 32

As the season winds down to a New Orleans-Indianapolis Super Bowl (this list tells you who I'm cheering for), it seems like a good time to departmentalize the NFL teams.

I love lists, and somehow I've never made one showing how much I love (the Steelers) versus how much I despise (the Cowboys and Pats) the NFL's 32 teams.

Teams That I Despise

32. Dallas Cowboys
31. New England Patriots
30. Cincinnati Bengals
29. Cleveland Browns
28. Indianapolis Colts
27. Denver Broncos
26. Oakland Raiders
25. Philadelphia Eagles
24. Tennessee Titans
23. Miami Dolphins

Teams That Have No Effect on Me Whatsoever and Should Be Removed from the League
22. Houston Texans
21. Jacksonville Jaguars
20. Atlanta Falcons
19. Detroit Lions
18. New York Giants
17. New York Jets
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15. Buffalo Bills

Teams That I Respect But Despise
14. Chicago Bears
13. Seattle Seahawks
12. San Francisco 49ers
11. Baltimore Ravens
10. San Diego Chargers

Teams That I Kind of Like
09. Green Bay Packers
08. Minnesota Vikings
07. Kansas City Chiefs
06. New Orleans Saints
05. Carolina Panthers
04. Arizona Cardinals

My Teams
03. Washington Redskins
02. St. Louis Rams
01. Pittsburgh Steelers

Random I know, but this is how my mind works when determining which games I want to watch each Sunday. "My teams" versus teams I despise would be a can't-miss match-up. Teams I "kind of like" playing against each other would be worth watching in under an hour on the digital video recorder. I would probably let Neon Deion Sanders and the crew at NFL Network (the new number-one post-game analysis TV outlet) tell me in under 3 minutes about the games played by teams that have no effect on me.

Where do your teams rank?