Friday, March 26, 2010

Waterfalls Adventure Is the Highlight of Dominican Trip

This is a somewhat crummy photo from off the brochure, but I can't wait to see the pictures of Tim, Dan and I leaping 30 feet into tight turqoise water holes when our waterfall-partner Martin from Brussels emails them to us in a few days.

We followed the ocean Highway 5 (essentially the only driveable road in the north of the country) Wednesday morning west and then south headed to the interior. Even though Carl and our hotel friends Jay and Laurie had told us to beware that the trip would be a rigorous workout, we all had no problems hiking to the top of the mountain and descending via a series of 27 waterfalls at the Damajaqua Cascades. Some of them we slid down like waterslides and others we leaped from high on the rocks. Several jumps were by no means for the faint at heart, and Dan and I felt like we overcame our respective fears of heights quite nicely. It helped that Danny, our guide, was a ruthless jokester, jumping out at us from behind trees and swimming underneath us and around bends only to leave us wondering if he had perished and left us stranded in the jungle.

He also climbed trees to fetch us grapefruits and cocoa fruits. At one point, he pointed out a live boa constrictor sitting next to the path. We though it was either dead or sleeping and had our faces down close to it, when it suddenly slithered, coiled, and hissed at all of us.

The waterfall trip is yet another of the high recommendations I offer to anyone who wants a Caribbean vacation with just the right mix of beach lazing and adventure seeking. And even though Dan destroyed his feet by wearing new sandals and can't walk, even he agrees that the waterfalls were totally awesome!

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