Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Final Jump From the Dominican

And in the category of unfinished business, I never really gave the final word on how excellent our Dominican Republic vacation was. Here are some key photos (courtesy of our friend Maarten from Belgium). For a guy who doesn't like heights, these were some major jumps at the highly recommended Damajaqua Cascades 27 Waterfalls.

Also, for a guy who doesn't like snakes, this was a mighty big boa constrictor who initially looked to be asleep, but quickly sprang into action and hissed at us, sending us scrambling away through the jungle.

Finally, for a guy who doesn't like earthquakes, I forgot to mention that we cluelessly enjoyed a 4.9 Richter earthquake one night while dining on street food. Our hotel manager, Carl, said the water splashed up in the pool.


  1. That last jump looks pretty sweet, especially because you can't get an idea of how much further you have to go before hitting water.

  2. Yeah, it was sweet and terrifying. Good way to help cure my fear of jumping from heights.