Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Novel, Part #12

The novel's two main characters, young Paul and rock star Rory, continue their conversation over drinks and pie at Admiller's Deli. For the rest of the start of the book, go here.

We ordered two slices of blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. Rory got a coffee and I had a Coke.

Rory asked, ”So what are you all about?”

“Um, I’m starting Papersville High next month and I cut lawns, mostly my own and Universal’s.”
“OK, so those are the official things. But what do you like? What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. Like I said, I like American Top 40, so I guess that means I like music. I like to read. I finished Gone With the Wind and The Fountainhead this summer.”

“The classics. The Fountainhead, eh? Ayn Rand. So does that mean you want to work on Wall Street and crunch numbers or be some fancy-pants architect or lawyer and make tons of money?”


“Well, good. We can still be friends,” he laughed.

“Don’t you make a lot of money?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I like other people who make lots of money. In fact, so many people around me are trying so hard to make a buck off me that it makes it hard to figure out who my friends are. Remember, I may seem like an artifact to you, but to the people on the business side of my life, I’m still a rookie kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing. And I still need friends. I’ve met a lot of fellow musicians and rock stars who I consider friends, but I don’t hang out with them in, umm, natural ways, you know? And when I lived here, I actually got made fun of quite a bit. I didn’t fit in and sort of kept in my own world. I used to draw rock stars and imagine what I would be like as one of them. My older sister listened to good music and taught me how to play guitar. That first guitar – I still have it – has been my best friend for a long time.”

I added, “I don’t have a guitar, and I probably don’t have anyone who would be considered my best friend. I’m not sure I relate to people here, but I’m not sure I’m better than people here either, like I think you probably are.”

“I don’t know about that. In another time and mindset, this place might not be exactly as it seems.”

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