Saturday, August 14, 2010

Novel, Part #14

Rock star Rory is in the middle of trying to convince Paul's dad to let him become one of his roadies. For the rest of the start of the book, go here.

But Rory calmly broke in. “I know it sounds crazy, but Paul here is a rare find. The people who tend to cling to these rock n’ roll tours can be real losers and I want to get it right. I want to have a really strong business team around me so I can worry about writing great, entertaining music while being surrounded by people - friends - who I like and can trust.”

I have to admit that Rory was beginning to make an admirably sensible argument.

My dad was still clearly fighting the urge to throw both Rory and his only son out the front window. “But he’s got a job, and he wants to turn his lawn mowing into a business. Why would he want to give that up?”

“Yeah,” added Ernie distantly and dumbly.

We all looked over at him. He sensed our glares and pleading looks, and realized we were actually waiting for his rationale. When this happened, he turned his head towards us and left his eyes on the TV, “Graig Nettles just hit a homer.”

This moment, I forever thought, softened my dad a little.

“We’re doing very well, Mr. Andrews,” Rory resumed. “We can pay Paul better than what he would make owning his own company, he can get to see the world some and see how it operates outside of Papersville, and he’ll get to meet a lot of extraordinary people who may just help him discover what it is he wants to do with himself as he grows up.”

“Yeah Dad, I really think it’s a great opportunity, and Rory’s really got a lot of confidence in me, even though we only met yesterday.”

“I just think I know people pretty well,” Rory added, as if closing the case.

Dad looked like he had plenty of questions for Rory, but he stopped himself short and said, “I’ll have to discuss it with your mother, Paul. It is a very kind offer, Rory.”

With that, we all stood up, except for Ernie, who at least surprisingly looked up. Rory thanked my dad for his time and said he had to head back to New York City tomorrow to plan for a tour starting in two weeks, but that the Andrews could take all the time they needed in making a decision. He was amazingly courteous for a rock star, even my dad must have noticed.

“Pretty neat havin’ that Cocksure in the house,” Ernie said to my dad after it was just the two of them remaining.

“Yes. He certainly wasn’t what I would have expected,” my dad said. “I would have to be crazy to let my son work for a bunch of rock n’ rollers, wouldn’t I?”

“I s’posse you would have to be. Got a point though. Paul would prolly meet some pert interestin’ folks.”


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