Monday, May 2, 2011

Bedroom Recordings: 60s Soft Rock Surfer Girl

I've been in a holding pattern for a little while on writing music. And I rarely play other people's songs. So I thought I'd push myself to learn some good cover tunes to play this summer around the campfire.

First up: "Surfer Girl" by The Beach Boys. This was one of my favorite songs to sing at bedtime to Jackson when he was a baby. My version is nowhere near as good as the music of my two favorite new bands of the moment, Telekinesis and Yuck. And it certainly is a little embarrassing in light of the perfect and un-improvable Brian Wilson-led version.

But you've gotta start somewhere ...


  1. Your voice is lovely.

  2. Your son is 3 years old. What about Row Row
    Row Your Boat or have him dream about farm animals, trucks, age appropriate subjects??
    Can he relate to the Beach Boys? The Beatles are in a class of their own however--acceptable for all ages!

  3. He dreams about monsters and yellow submarines, Anonymous. I'm not sure if that's age appropriate or not, but he's happy.