Friday, March 9, 2018

For talk I gave in Pittsburgh, they wanted to know about transportation, not the Steelers

I just realized that the video from a talk I gave in Pittsburgh back in October 2016 is posted online.

It was a pretty good presentation to a group of students at Carnegie Mellon's prestigious Traffic21 program. I talked about how, in a time of increasingly scarce dollars available to fix America's transportation ills, there are some better, less expensive ways to think holistically and practically about the issue.

I still use a lot of the material in talks I give for Mobility Lab. Here is the article I wrote about Pittsburgh at the time (Streetsblog also wrote about the article) and below is the video of the full presentation.

It starts off in real clunker style as I tell a little story about football. Then I ask the room how many people like football. And almost nobody raised their hands! In Pittsburgh!! That's when you know you've got a really captive room of transportation geeks. You gotta love it.